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At Oddello, we believe that American manufacturing is making a comeback.  That’s why we decided to build our nearly one million square foot, vertically integrated manufacturing facility in the foothills of East Tennessee.  Our location gives us the competitive edge over other manufacturers of mattress foundations.  Oddello offers stronger output, faster delivery, and drop-shipping to retailers that overseas manufacturers can’t match.  We’re committed to making our clients as competitive as possible.  Our clients are confident in our ability to help them meet their bottom line.  Here at Oddello, we believe that American manufacturing is worth investing in, and we’re confident we can prove it.

We welcome a challenge here at Oddello, and are proud of our history of solving big problems for some of the world’s largest companies.  By being just a short flight away in Morristown, TN, our manufacturing facility acts as a one-stop-shop for all your manufacturing needs.  Being so close means you get a response within hours, not days.  Your products are shipped tomorrow, not next week.  Our team at Oddello is able to carry your product from concept to launch, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.  Our clients are confident in our abilities as manufacturers, and we’re confident in our ability to give them the competitive edge they need.

At Oddello, we pride ourselves on being manufacturers.  Our vertically integrated manufacturing facility is just a short flight away.  We offer faster response, delivery, and solutions, as well as being able to solve problems as soon as they arise.  Oddello has been launching dreams for nearly a decade, and at the Las Vegas Market Show, you’ll find out why we should launch yours.

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